When Plans Fall Through


We have been told reunification was coming for over 6 months now. Little E has had four days of over night visits for the last 7 weeks. It was all set. We would stand before the judge in just a week and a half and wait for him to declare reunification of our foster son of over 1 year with one of his biological parents.

I have mentally made a list of all that I should pack and send “home” with him. How do you pack up a two year old who loves you as a mom and dad, and whom you love as a son, in any way that he will understand you are not another person to walk out of his life? That is a question I have mulled over for 4-6 months.

All the planning, all the crying, all the disciplining and decision making was to culminate and we were to find a new normal in a few short weeks.

That all changed with a phone call yesterday.

In short, one parent’s bad choices caught up with them and thank goodness before reunification had taken place. As these plans fall through we can shake our head at this adult’s repeated poor decision making, or we can say “thank God He revealed this before E was reunified.”

My mom told me earlier this week that her Sunday school class had a special time of prayer for us. Thanks be to God! The prayers of the saints are being heard and God’s will is going forward. We have seen the protective hand of God upon this child even and especially a midst all the pain that life has dealt him.

When plans fall through, when expectations stop short, when what we had anticipated dies, God is there with every twist and bend. He is there in every valley and mountain peak.

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

When plans fall through His arm is outstretched so that we do not fall but have hope,  joy, and peace that passes understanding though they may ebb and flow as the ocean tide.

What plans have fallen through for you today dear one? Have you entrusted your requests to God? Have you enlisted the prayer support of even one or two other individuals? God is not silent when your plans fall through. He uses the Body and His Word to speak love over your situation and grace in the presence of pain.

Take heart this weekend friends.


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