6 Things I Said I Would Never Do As a Parent

What was it I said we would never do as parents? Oh yes, I seem to remember a few things.

I/we will never…

1. Have kids’ toys in our room.

2. Install DVD players in the car.

3. Allow our children to be unresponsive when¬†people talk to them. I find this difficult to say with a straight face. ūüôā

4. Let our children sleep in our bed. (Still only happens when Daddy is out of town.)

5. Bribery. (Didn’t make it two years before I began using this “disciplinary methodology.” I must say I try to use it sparingly.)

6. Homeschooling. I am not sure that I ever said I wouldn’t home school; I do know I thought it.

Let me give it to you straight. Today we are leaving to drive an hour and a half to our state’s home school convention. Our kids will watch DVDs in their portable DVD players that we bought them for their birthdays while playing with toys they probably grabbed out of our room prior to ignoring the neighbors who tell them they look so cute this morning.¬†Then they¬†will ask for the gum that was promised if they dressed without complaining.

Ah, confession is good for the soul. At the very least this may be therapeutic for fellow parents, right?

Be careful what you say you will never do for surely you will one day be given the opportunity to make yourself a liar.

Concerning these 6¬†Things I Said I¬†Would Never Do As a Parent,¬†I¬†wouldn’t have it any other way my friends… okay, so I would have both my children respond when people talked to them. That is the only thing I would change for the present.

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