If you were to join me at my table I would love to share in community with you. One of the first experiences that I would share after telling about my family, would be my passion for missions.Every mission trip I take I know one thing for certain: I am a representative. I represent not only Christ, but all the people who sponsored my trip to go, those who have prayed, and encouraged me are all part of a community. One that reaches across land and sea to transform time and eternity for people loved by a sovereign God. Below you will find stories I would like to share with this community of believers. Additionally, I would invite you to join this community by sponsoring someone you know that is venturing into mission work, or go yourself.

Close upon the heels of mission work would be my passion for orphan care. Ron and I were the foster parents of one very special little boy for 13 months.  We would love to share the salt and light of our foster care journey with you.

Finally, we would venture further into conversations on apologetics; specifically creation, the flood, and dinosaurs.

So pull up your chair and let me refresh your cup of coffee, or glass of sweat tea, and let’s chat a while.



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