The Spirit of Giving


There is a joy that accompanies generosity…

A blessed intimate abiding between the redeemed and the Redeemer who never drops even meager offerings.

In the giving there is a birth which overshadows the death of temporary treasures.

Meager offerings may even be the Father’s favorite kind when we offer all we have. He loves to multiple the offerings of the humble. Consider the five loaves and the two fish. He used a young boy’s simple lunch to feed over 5,000 hungry men–besides women and children.

What if we chose not to give because we thought our offering too little or too simple to be of much use? 

What if instead of concerning ourselves with the size of our offering, we humbled ourselves to give our meagerness or our much cheerfully?

With eyes set on eternity, the cheerful giver cannot wait to drop her donation in the plate, her gift in the box, her package in the mail for she considers the smiles and prayers of thanksgiving waiting on the other side.

The cheerful giver woos man to draw near to Christ as she follows His commandments:

Feed, clothe, give, go, take care…

Knowing  that she cannot out-give the Father, for He has already given of His Son, the cheerful giver will share her abundance or her slight understanding that she is a mere steward and God is the ruler and controller of all things.

The cheerful giver has learned that it is in the opening of the hand, not in the clenching of the fist, that there is life.

May your hands be open and the gifts be plentifully given.


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  1. Found you at Walk With Him Wednesdays. Your blog– insightful, your photography– beautiful. I like the questions you post at the end– it’s very practical. Enjoyed reading your blog.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Anna. It really means so much and I am thankful for this time that God has called to carve out for writing that which He is teaching me. He calls to rememberance that which I read in His word write here to imprint His ways in my life.
      I have only recently begain using my own photography. I usually use images I have found on Google that convey what I want to. The pictures from The Cheerful Giver were photos from Google Images.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading through several of your posts just now…thank you linking today…
    I love the way you end with a challenge at the end of your posts.
    The “live it” piece that is so often missing.
    Thank you.
    I want to be a “doer, not merely one who hears and walks away”.

    • Thank you Kara. I was challenged by your call that it isn’t too late to be intentional. I often don’t attempt some crafty projects because I am a perfectionistic type. However, thanks to your encouragement, we have done an Easter activity each day to point our children toward the true and wonderful meaning of Easter. God bless!

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