My Children’s Dad

Happy Father's Day

He’s the kind of man you want on your team, in your court, and beside you in battle.

He’s loyal, fun, and intentional.

He lives to please his Father.

He takes time to stoop low and teach, play on the floor, and read God’s Word.

He encourages dreams.

He works hard until the job is done then looks for ways to complete the same job better the next time around.

He makes pancakes almost every Thursday night and plays hide-and-seek like he gets paid for it.

For all of these reasons and more I am so grateful that when I married a great man, I also married a wonderful father.

Happy Father’s Day, Ron! And Happy Father’s Day to all the readers of This Temporary Home that have the honor and responsibility of being called Dad.

If you would join me in praying for Ron and his mission team this week as they are on mission in a communist country then I would be very grateful.


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  1. Denise Ross says:

    Beautiful post, Brooke and certainly will be praying for Ron and his team and Also you and your children 🙂

  2. Teresa C. Davis says:

    Beautiful post. I am praying for Ron and his team.
    I am so proud he is my son-in-law.


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