A Gift for the Graduate in Your Life




Last year, Ron and I were honored to be two contributors among others such as Dr. Jay Strack, Chuck Allen, Dr. Danny Akin, Brent Crowe, and Dave Edwards in Dr Jay Strack’s book, #CriticalIssues #AbsoluteAnswers. Editor, Jack Countryman,  and the team at Thomas Nelson packaged a wonderful resource for youth, parents, and youth workers to benefit from. #CriticalIssues #AbsoluteAnswers tackles 70 issues that teens face and the questions concerning them. This book provides Bible-based answers to such questions surrounding identity, self-esteem, leadership, missions, faith, pain, sex, divorce, homosexuality, and discipleship, plus much much more.

It is with humbled and excited hearts that we are proud to share this wonderful resource with you. Our teens are bombarded with the pull of the world and it is our hearts desire that they acquire biblical answers and direction to choose the narrow path towards Christ-likeness and ultimately Home.

Ron and I would love to send this wonderful resource to you! You can purchase a copy by clicking the link above for purchase via Amazon. Or via PayPal by clicking on the link below.

An excellent gift for the eighth grader entering his first year of high school or the senior running out the door to college. If you would like to make a bulk order for your youth-group or for graduation gifts, please e-mail me at Brooke.Cooney.1@gmail.com and we would love to make that happen for you.

 God bless you and the lives of the youth that you influence.



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