Unpacking Christmas: Books

Unpacking Christmas Books for the Heart

A thoughtful, well illustrated book is a gift that continues to resonate long after “the end” is read. Last night we read a few Christmas books before bedtime and one happened to be a scratch and sniff book by Joan Walsh Anglund that I received as a young girl over 25 Christmas’ ago.  The real surprise…you can still scratch and sniff the pepper-minty pie, pepperoni pizza, and beautiful fir tree that Mary and Willie prepare for their Christmas party guests!

Below is a listing for the youngest to the oldest of readers to enjoy within your home this Christmas. I hope you experience the true meaning of Christmas in a fresh way this year and every one thereafter as you unpack these Christmas books in the years to come.

A special note to my readers without little children in this season of life, the last five books are for you. Enjoy!






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  1. Great list of books! One of my favorites on the list is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I love reading that to my 3rd graders every year, especially since I get to read the real Christmas story as I read this book to them. We follow it up with the movie (double dose!)

    • Hey Julie! Yes, love that one. I was looking for the movie at the library but didn’t see it yesterday. Checking some other stores (hopefully) today. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading and commenting!

      • We will be watching it the week of the 15th. If you want me to, I can bring it to Church Sunday and you can watch it sometime this week and I’ll get if from you next Sunday.

        • Yes! Thank you! You know where to find me. Also, I added two more books that I had left off the other day. If you have some more suggestions I would love to hear them. 🙂

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