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It is amazing what you can learn about your house while playing hide-and-seek.

Recently, during one particular game, an unusual warning spilled from my lips when I discovered my family hiding in the hall closet, “Be careful,” I said. “There is no telling what will fall out on you!”

The contents of the hall closet have changed over the last 11 years of our family’s occupancy. First, it held all the memorabilia that we conveniently kept in long-term storage for my father-in-law. Then, I moved Christmas decorations and other décor items into the space. Now, it is used for luggage, cleaning supplies, baby clothes…not to mention extra candles, griddle, and photo collections. Whew, just listing the contents is giving me organizational hives!

Back to the game of hide-and-seek.

It was my turn to search again when I noticed my bathroom counter was overflowing with multiple family members’ items. I am an “everything has a place and everything in its place” kind of woman. But that day, to look at my counter, you would have ascertained I am a “wherever an object lands there it is” kind of woman.

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