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Thank you as always for visiting This Temporary Home. I am very grateful for a platform to write from and an audience to read. You are a gift!

This weekend was quite busy for our household. Ron’s work deadlines, in addition to a couple of my own, have forced us to squeeze the most out of our time.

Monday, a family break was in order and we all traveled to the beach. It was wonderful! Now, as we face one child with bronchitis and a few more deadlines, I am choosing to invest my time a different way than writing today. Don’t worry, I will be back in full swing on Friday. However, until then, here are a few posts from some other writers that I found either very interesting or necessary to share as a need of prayer.

Enjoy your time reading!

  •  Instagram’s Envy Effect via Relevant Magazine (click here)
  • How To Get Along With An Introvert via Storyline Blog (click here): Being one of the few introverts in my family, I find this article very interesting.
  • Catching Water In Your Hands via Minivans Are Hot (click here): Do you, like me, mistakenly view your time as your personal commodity versus a gift from God? Read on.
  • Abortion Doctor on Trial But Media Not Interested via Washington Post (Warning: this is graphic. Click here): We should speak out and pray for the life of the unborn child.


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