A Birth Remembered



 As we reflect on the five years lived with our Emily, we are overwhelmed with blessings. Emily, you have grown into a beautiful little girl full of love for others, a nurturing spirit, thoughtful ways, and an increasing vocabulary! Daddy and I pray for you a year full of growth in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. We pray this year or one soon after will usher in rebirth for you as you profess to know Jesus through repentance and salvation.

DSC_0084 (2)




*Last two photos taken by Corey Conroy Photography.

Last night Emily created a booklet from her scraps and marker scribbles. As she presented the book to me she asked, “Mommy will you remember me forever?” ” Yes, I will always remember you. Emily, if my mind stops working and I don’t remember you, yes, even then my heart and spirit will forever know you. When we meet again in heaven I will say, ‘There is my Love!'”

A mother’s heart will never forget that which the mind may fail to remember.


Dearest Emily, our firstborn and only daughter, Happy 5th Birthday! You are dearly loved.


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