Book Review: The Harbinger


Initially after reading The Harbinger I was convinced that America was under the judgement of God. The author so closely weaves America with Israel and the warning signs since the events of 911 seem so clear. However, there are problems with the intertwining of America and Israel from the text.

In The Harbinger, America and Israel are presented as parallel nations both in covenant with God. First, we need to consider that God initiated the covenant between Abraham and Himself and chose the, at that time,  unborn nation of Israel to be His chosen people.  Contrasting that with the birth of America we must consider that while many of America’s founders were Christian it was a man initiated nation.

One of the links between the proposed covenant between God and America was the dedication of our country to God by George Washington much like Solomon dedicating the temple in Jerusalem to God.

George Washington, after his inauguration, led a procession to St. Paul’s (pictured above) to dedicate our country to God in prayer. Only minutes before he had taken the oath of office by placing his hand on a Bible. However, it was not a Christian Bible he was sworn in on, but a Masonic Bible. A brief study via Google of the Masonic Bible leads to some literature on the Kabbalah as did one of the rebuttal blog posts listed below.

It is at this point that I would direct you to a well researched author, David Barton, of Wall Builders to further educate us concerning the subject of America’s founding being a Christian-led process. Please visit their website here. It may also be helpful for us to read their book, The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers (here).

America is not mentioned in the Bible, and certainly not as a little Israel. To presume such is a mistake on our part. To be grafted into the lineage of Christ we must believe on Christ Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the world and that he came as God in the flesh.

Do I think a time of judgement is coming for all people? Yes. Likewise, I believe that this is a thought provoking read which ties the truth that one day all people, American or not, will stand before the Judge of all the earth: God. The only way that we will be given a favorable judgement is if when God looks at us He sees Jesus Christ. That only happens if we repent of our sin and put our faith and trust in Him during this lifetime.

The Harbinger is a fictional, allegorical book that stresses a time of judgment is coming for our country and the inhabitants of all the earth. Read it and some of the article links below and then make a decision for yourself as to the contents of the text.

I welcome your thoughts in return.

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