Lessons Between the Pages

Memorable moments in the day always include my children climbing in my lap or piling on the couch as we open a book. Between paperback and hardback covers lies a great story waiting to be discovered.

In anticipation of all they will learn and see, or with the eagerness of the familiarity to see an old friend, little fingers turn pages and point to pictures. Stories burst forth from their little mouths putting more of their personalities on display. Life lessons that teach character and provide models, both good and bad, of behavior choices help redirect our conversations to Biblical truths that we are striving to teach.

Emily’s read aloud shelf looks like this:

You are sure to fall in love with Millicent Margaret Amanda, or Milly-Molly-Mandy for short. Milly-Molly-Mandy is a charming little girl who views the everyday occurrences of life through the wonder of a child. This book is beautifully written and full of life-lessons to share with your little one about responsibility, being a good friend, and making wise choices. I would recommend this for the “big girls” like me as well!

The classic tale of Black Beauty, is my all-time childhood favorite. The gentle tone of the book, as well as the wonderful lessons on humanity and kindness and respect for God’s creatures, make this a wonderful read for young children. This story helps both adult and child to evaluate the effects of their behavior on others and to work with the integrity and determination. This book deals with death, so if you are apt to shy away from this subject with your children you may want to refrain from reading it at this time.

Joshua’s read aloud choices vary, but one of the ten books from the box set by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker, Amazing Machines: Truckload of Fun is usually a nap or bedtime pick.  

The ten books in this set will teach your curious little ones about how machines work, their parts, and what the passengers and drivers of each can expect to experience. These rhyming books are illustrated in primary colors making color instruction and review a natural part of your day. The sound effects written on each page are also a fun way to teach the sounds the machines make. If your son is anything like mine, the sound effects will carryover into his play with trucks, trains, and airplanes rather quickly.

That is what we are delighting in reading this Wednesday; what about you?

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