An Orderly Life

From the time I was a little girl organizing my books alphabetically by author, it was apparent I liked order.

Today as an adult, the craving for an orderly life manifests itself in a semi-organized home, books piled in the appropriate bin, and the schedule of my days. When the schedule is adjusted I occasionally find myself frazzled as demonstrated by the uncertain scratch of my head, the hand on one hip, and the rub of the nose as I try very hard to contain my issues with change.

This weekend we were afforded a surprise visit to my parents. There is another order there. It is good and it is also a stretch for me in some ways. I am doubly sure it is a stretch for them dealing with me as well!

A few traditions that we enjoy are trips to my grandmother’s house for hot chocolate and marshmallows, time with my grandfather, walks down the rock road at Nana and Big Daddy’s and movie and popcorn night.

A necessary tradition on the 18 hour round-trip ride is at least one stop for coffee. If we are lucky one of the kids will also take a 30 minute power nap, waking up just as I start to doze off.

If Ron is with us, he always drives the trip’s entirety and stops for a pack of sunflower seeds he can pop in his mouth and then fill the contents of a cup with the hulls.

Today the change in routine continued with me sleeping-in until 8:00 AM. Eight may not seem like sleeping in to you, but if you were to wake up around 5:30 each day that  two and a half-hour difference would seem huge. I had barely peeled a banana when another door cracked open and little feet came pattering into the kitchen.

I confess this mama finds it hard to share her waking moments selflessly.

By one o’clock, I am sitting in Ron’s lap scratching my head and rubbing my nose trying to control my nerves. He knows that it is time for me to sneak away and reclaim parts of my usual routine.

I sit there and try to enjoy the moment watching Emily and Joshua play. I turn to him and say, “I know that I am to give thanks in all things, pray, and enjoy the day as a gift. This is life.” He nods his yes and his eyes say, “That is what I try to tell you.”

Weather in order, transition, or the occasional change in daytime routine. God tells us there is nothing better for us than to be joyful and do good; to take pleasure in all our work. (Ephesians 3:9-13) An orderly life is one that pleasures in the work that the hands, heart, and mind find to do…even on disorderly days.

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