Show and Tell

The last two months it has become a common occurrence. Emily rushes to her coloring basket overflowing with paper, stickers, and coloring books. She selects crayons from the drawer and begins to make art in the fashion she knows best.

She colors and presses on stickers; occasionally she stamps love on a page.

Other days she gathers her water color palette and brushes then asks me to pour a cup of water. She wants to paint love on a page.

After each creation is completed she runs to me, waving her masterpiece in the air and declares, “This is for Pamela Jasmin!”

Pamela Jasmin is Ron’s Compassion Child. She lives in Honduras where my mission team will be flying this Friday. It seems surreal that it is two more days til foreign soil. Last year Ron traveled with the team and met Pamela Jasmin for the first time.

Our children know that they have a “brother” and “sister” in different countries. We sing Happy Birthday to them on their birthdays each year, are able to send them money for Christmas presents, and write letters to let them know we are praying for them and they are loved. Both of Joshua and Emily’s siblings are older than they and speak Spanish. Jefri is 11 and lives in Nicaragua and Pamela Jasmin is 6 and lives in Honduras.

While she has never met Pamela or Jefri face to face, Emily is perhaps their most fervent prayer warrior. Ron and I pray for and love our Compassion kids but it is Emily who petitions God on their behalf each night before bed time. She has helped in purchasing gifts to send to Pamela Jasmin on our trips the last two years and multiple times in between she has asked to give her many of her toys.

Through our Compassion sponsorship, Emily, and Joshua in turn, are learning to be givers. They are learning the truth of Christ when He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

At her prompting, I started collecting Emily’s artwork for Pamela Jasmine. They are neatly collected in a green folder to be presented to her in six days.  I will tell Pamela of the gift given by the One who sets us free. Being in the Compassion program the gospel is shared with her on a daily basis at the school she attends as part of her sponsorship, but this time I am the one blessed to share the good news with her.

I will show Pamela Emily’s art of love colored on a page and tell her of Christ’s love written on the pages of history but orchestrated for her before time began.

Would you like to add a child into your family today? Would you make a difference in the world by changing the life of even one? Visit Compassion’s website to find out more and please join us in making disciples of all nations because by your giving you are helping write God’s story in the life of a child. You can show and tell a lost and dying world of God’s love that is written on a page in crimson shades…

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

~John 3:16

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