Putting Our Minds on Things Above

Many songs take us to the throne of Christ reminding us that heaven is our real home. Last week three beautiful young ladies from our student ministry danced to one such song by Travis Cottrell, We Will Dance. Here is the video of that portion of our worship service.

If you are like me you need constant reminding that earth is a temporary home. Today I propose a playlist that will set our minds to the heavens and our real home. I hope that you enjoy these songs that transport us to His throne. I cannot wait to burn my CD and listen to it in the car! Join me?
I am having some minor Internet and computer issues that started on Friday last week. In fact, I am sitting in Panera as I type. Therefore, I cannot directly link these to iTunes for you…if there is a way to do that. Suffice it to say that you can find each of these songs there. Warm up those vocal cords and prepare to worship! 
1. Jesus, Son of God from  Passion White Flag 
2. Where I Belong from Building 429
3.  Long Way Home from Steven Curtis Chapman
4. When the Stars Burn Down from Philips Craig and Dean
5. Overcome from Jeremy Camp
6. Jesus, Friend of Sinners from Casting Crowns
7. 10,000 Reasons from Matt Redman
8. Between Heaven and Earth from Matt Maher
What songs remind you that heaven is our home? I welcome your suggestions!
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  1. Donna Cowden says:

    Hi Brooke – These are the ones that have been speaking to me lately:
    1. He Said – Chris August
    2. The Other Side – Audrey Assad
    3. Divine Romance – Phil Wickham
    4. Without You – Shane & Shane
    5. Lament – Audrey Assad

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