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Liberty Park

Hello friends! We made it back from our New York and New Jersey excursion very late Monday evening. Catching up on grocery shopping was an easy task especially with the free bakery cookie the kids look forward to. The laundry and house cleaning are another slow turn of the page however.

Central Park

I enjoyed an unusual amount of mommy reading time as the kids flew with Ron on the trip north. What a good man to let his wife enjoy alone time two rows back while he entertains the littles. I touched the Kindle app on my iPad free of too many distractions and enjoyed the ride. (Potty breaks did involve some tag team effort a few times). Thank you honey!

So, what did this hands free mama read on the plane? So glad you asked. Chinese drum roll please…


God made the heart of every married person to be romantic, and to feel the passion that springs out of romance. He designed your hearts to need a regular cycle of romance and passion. Living without this cycle is death to your marriage and will put you both at a great risk for an affair. So, let’s get to work on your romance. ~Dr. David Clarke in Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon’s Crazy In Love How-To Manual.

Ron and I were privileged to hear Dr. Clarke speak at our church four years ago. He is a local Christian counselor with a multitude of experience. Dr. Clarke’s writing style is equally witty, somewhat cheesy, and super helpful as his live seminars. I highly recommend this read for all post-newlywed couples. Especially if cheek kisses, air kisses, or quick pecks are a usual methods of kissing between you and your spouse! (See chapter’s 9 and 10)

I first heard about Dr. Clarke’s new book from my friends Karen and Danny who blog about marriage at Marriage Bytes. Dr. Clarke also blogs weekly. Check out his blog here.

Here is one more NYC shot for the road. I will start Tour de NYC next week. Until then, that is what I am reading this Wednesday; what about you?

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