To Scoop Them Up

The days flee and the nights escape us. Little ones, while tucked in, grow and develop when our eyes are closed and our thoughts rest.

Each day we see them and know they are growing. Each night we check on them one more time, finding them in their most precious, peaceful positions. Why is it that children are most peaceful when sleeping? Why do we want to kiss them until they wake up?

Little-lisped “s’s”, normal for their developmental age flow out of, “Yeth it ith.” “I thee it.” We melt and smile.

Pages turn unfolding stories as in turn we are writing our own.

Even unspoken, blank portions of our story can become a writing down. A working in and out of the Holy Spirit. As all things can if we seek Him.

These memories and moments I want to scoop up. All the hurts and chaos I want to let flow on like water off a duck’s back.

To have eyes that see; ears that hear; understanding. These are gifts from God. In this temporary home may we seek after such as we choose to pursue Jesus. Let us scoop up the memories and live eyes on the eternal.

Two memories we scooped this week:

Joshua caressed my hair on the way out the door Wednesday night and said, “Like your hair,” as he tilted his adorable two-year-old head to the left and lifted his shoulder. Prince charming?

Emily asked, “Can some people be blind and not hear?” I told her of Helen Keller, one of my favorite people to read about in grammar and high school. I thought we had a book at home about her.  Emily asks, “Is it a children’s book or one of your books mommy? I don’t think I could sit for one of your books.” The wisdom!

Linking my favorites with Rachel as she celebrates one year of Friday Favorite Things:

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